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POF is one of the top free dating sites in the world simply because it has all the features you want to really make meaningful connections with people you like. It also gives you options to narrow the dating field according to your likes so you can avoid wasting time on people that you will not mesh with.

Features of POF:

This site is very easy to navigate and on the first page alone, you already see ads from some of the members so you know what you will be getting into. Signing up is also a breeze since there is a sign-up form right on the main page. Its best features include:

  • A chemistry test that allows you to be matched with other people that you might just have chemistry with
  • There is an assessment form to help you uncover your relationship needs and help you build up on some of the areas that you lack
  • Sign up is free
  • Services Brazil, France, and Spain
  • Forums where you can chat with other members
  • IM options
  • Thousands of members to choose from
  • Blocking options to stay away from the stalkers and creeps

Overall, it rates a solid 4/5 stars


Signing up for the site is absolutely free so there is no need to take out your credit cards or worry about fraud. However, there is that option of upgrading to a “serious” membership which costs about $5.95 per month. Perks of the serious membership include:

  • Triple views of your profile
  • Theme for your page
  • You get to check who has viewed your profile
  • You will be notified if your emails were read and deleted or just flat out deleted

All in all, this site would have to get about 4/5 for what you get for the cost.

Popularity of the free dating site

Since it is a free dating site, you can bet it is pretty popular. The site claims that they have about 50,000 singles (and non-singles) signing up every day and that really leaves you plenty of fish to choose from.

However, you need to be alert because some members in the free dating website make multiple accounts just to increase their chances of meeting people and some accounts are held by POF employees so they can chat up new joiners.

This free dating service has been featured on top tier news sites like the NY Times, Today, and even Fox so you can say that this site is really getting a lot of attention.

All in all, plentyoffish.com gets a 5/5 stars

Ease of use for plentyoffish.com

This is not the prettiest site but it has everything you need right at your back and call. It is very easy to navigate so you never have to worry about losing your way as you look for people to date.  For ease of use, this site gets a solid 4/5 although it could afford to be prettier.

Customer care of plentyoffish.com

You can easily call or email the customer care of the free dating service if you have questions or run into trouble but sometimes, they take a few days to reply to emails which may be a bummer for some.  It gets a 3/5 for their tardiness.


All in all, this is a very good site for people who are looking for a connection or just want a seriously good time. You can find people from all over the world that you can talk to and see if you have a connection with. One thing you will not like about this though is that the interface looks a bit dated but that is okay. You can join plentyoffish.com for free and find a date or you can pay for a membership and increase your chances of finding a date or someone to hang out and just have some fun with.

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